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Disney & Marvel Full Codes

Q: What is a "full untouched" Disney code?

A: It's my understanding that Disney intended Disney codes to be 1 single redemption. However, there currently is a workaround/glitch (which Disney is aware of but has not yet fixed) which allows Disney codes to be split and redeemed twice - once through Movies Anywhere and once through Google Play. Some can also have the iTunes code split off and sold separately. Most of these split versions will then transfer the movie across your linked Movies Anywhere accounts. I choose to only sell full Disney codes because Disney is aware of the glitch and is known to track their codes and the accounts they are redeemed with. I only provide 100% full, unadulterated, glitch-free Disney codes - so that you as a Buyer do not have to worry about potential action from Disney on your account. Split codes usually cost less to buy and generate more profit for code sellers, but alas I don't choose to do it. However, I have no problems with buyers and sellers who choose to use split Disney codes. This glitch has been around long enough. If it was meant to be fixed, it would be done by now.