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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why do you limit Buyers to 1 item per person?

A: The main reason I limit purchases to 1 per customer is because I am not in the business of supplying re-sellers with codes. Sometimes I get good deals and I try to pass them on to as many customers as I can. If your friend/mom/dad/relative needs their own code, please share my website with them. If you are a re-seller who doesn't like my business model or thinks it's "quite literally the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of" (shoutout to the brave unnamed competing store owner) - tough. Your opinion doesn't matter. 


Q:  When will you send me my code?

A:  By the estimated delivery time shown in the top bar of every screen on my website.

Q:  If I email you because I'm impatient or didn't read the order confirmation email and want the code sooner, will you send it?

A:  Nope.


Q: If the estimated delivery period has passed and I haven't received my code, should I email you?

A: Sometimes a mistake can occur, and if for some reason you have not received your codes after the estimated delivery time, then please contact me and include your order number.

One of the most common things that I've had happen with multiple customers is my email and Shopify's emails get placed in customer Spam folders. Please consider checking your spam/junk email if you have not received your order within the time period specified, before contacting me.

Another common occurrence is when the customer doesn't input their email address correctly at checkout. A simple typo can lead to a customer thinking that I have not sent codes because the email was sent to the wrong address.

Finally, another common occurrence is when a customer doesn't remember the email address he/she entered at checkout and then emails me from another email address looking for the codes. For example, a customer enters a email address at checkout but expects to receive the codes in their email account. I send the codes to the Paypal approved email address that the customer provides at checkout.


Q: Do you give out promo codes? How do I get promo codes?

A: First, let's remember that stores who constantly email you with promo codes are naturally marking up their prices to buffer their profit.

In general, I avoid these lazy promo codes and try to keep my prices relatively low. Why mark up the prices and provide a promo code? - just keep the prices lower! Have respect for customer intelligence.

Are you utterly convinced that the recent $5 to $10 you spent together with your past purchases from years ago should qualify you for a new super promo code?

Well, I am well known for providing nice promo code rewards, when I have time, to people who spend a lot with me. I'm less likely to give you a promo code if you email me asking for a promo code, or if you are disrespectful or feel entitled, or if you only make small purchases and have been rewarded previously. Honesty is best! 


Q:  Why do your codes vary in price? Your codes should all cost one low price!

A:  Codes vary in price depending on supply at the moment and how hard-to-find a code might be. Remember, my codes have to come from a blu ray/digital combo pack or similar, and these are produced in different quantities by manufacturers. 

Things that I have to factor in when I am pricing my codes include how much money I have to pay in taxes and potential Paypal and Shopify fees, the manufacturer's suggested retail price, how many other stores have the code for sale and their prices, etc.


Q: Do you sell codes that redeem outside of the USA?

A: I sell USA codes for USA accounts. Some of these might redeem in different countries, sometimes with a VPN, but I don't know and can't say for sure. Let's NOT waste each other's time and place an order and expect me to instantly refund you if your USA code doesn't work outside of the USA. If you live outside the USA please do your research before purchasing to make sure a USA code will redeem for you. 


Q: Do you sell Vudu InstaWatch codes?

A: No.


Q:  When will you have (insert movie name here) for sale? Do you have it yet??!?!?!!!

A:  I don't understand the point of emailing this question to me, and it happens to me all the time. If you don't find it on my website, then I don't have it for sale yet and I may not have it for sale ever. I'm not going to give you a "heads up" sneak preview. Just let life happen.


Q:  Why are early release codes more expensive?

A: Because there is a limited quantity available. If you want the movie or TV show earlier than everyone else, you pay a higher premium. Want to know when codes are released in blu rays? Then check out:


Q:  I have an extra code(s) for (insert movie name here) - will you trade with me or give me a store credit?

A:  No. I don't know who you are and I have plenty of inventory that I already need to sell.


Q: Do you pay your taxes on the codes you sell? The item descriptions say that tax is included in the purchase price.

A: Yes, of course. I have figured the cost of taxes into the prices you see.


Q: Do other stores and sellers pay their taxes?

A: The reputable ones do. Many probably do not. You should ask them. :)


Q: I purchased a code and redeemed it in Vudu, but I forgot that I already owned it. Vudu gave me an Error message saying I already owned it. Can I have a refund or a store credit from you?

A:   No. You burned the code and it is not reusable and cannot be undone. Before you redeem, double check your library! While I would like to give you a refund, I won't because the code is burned, meaning I can't re-sell it to someone else.

This is one of the worst features of Vudu - they allow you to redeem the same movie twice.

I have emailed Vudu's customer service and asked if they can "un-redeem" a code - that is not possible, according to Vudu.

I'm sorry if you redeemed the same movie twice, but I have done the same thing myself several times and never got a refund or a second chance. Please don't expect me to be liable to you for Vudu's sloppy programming (and your mistake). Instead, email Vudu's customer service at and complain to them about this malfunction when redeeming digital codes on their website.


Q: Do you pre-sell codes before you have them?

A: No, I prefer to have the codes in hand before selling them, in the event there is a supplier issue, or an issue with a code (for example, if a code turns out to be only compatible with iTunes). 


Q: Do you give senior citizen and/or military discounts? Today is my birthday, can I have a discount? I'm a first time customer, can I have a discount?

A: No. I treat all my customers fairly and equally.


Q: Will you send me an email every time you add a new product?

A: No. Please bookmark my website ( and check in regularly.


Q:  What is the difference between UHD, HDX, HD and SD?

A: UHD is 4K quality; HDX is 1080p quality; high-definition (HD) is 720p quality; and standard definition (SD) is 480p. SD is like watching a DVD and HDX is like watching a blu ray.


Q: If there's only 1 of a product left in stock, is it okay for me to buy it?

A: Of course. I don't list all of my inventory at once anyway, so please don't worry that you are buying my last copy of something and that it could negatively affect me. However, I do eventually run out; my supply is not endless.


Q: I have a redemption issue question or real redemption problem. Can I contact you for help?

A: Yes, of course! That is part of the service I provide. My email address is

If it is a problem I can help with, I will do my best to help with suggestions and tips and contact information for the various movie studio companies so that you can contact them if needed.

However, if for example, you wait more than 2 weeks and then email me to say that I sent you an invalid code or that the code has already been redeemed - you will be ignored. And if you don't try to contact me by email first and instead initially contact me through Paypal or by filing a complaint through Paypal, you will be banned.

For real issues, it is especially helpful to me if you include a screenshot showing your problem. This helps me much more than any worded description or saying something vague like "that code didn't work! (frowny face emoji)". Imagine if you were me... what would you need to help diagnose the problem? Better, and more complete detailed information from you.